VIDEO: AKA & Anatii — Don’t Forget To Pray

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AKA & Anatii — Don’t Forget To Pray Video

AKA & Anatii — Don’t Forget To Pray MP4 Download

We’ve awaited the music video for AKA & Anatii‘s “Don’t Forget To Pray“ for sometime now. Now that it is here, some of us have been able to enjoy its masterclass on broadcast channels.

For those who still need to wait a bit more, there’s now a teaser courtesy of Slikour on YouTube to calm your excitement.

Once “Don’t Forget To Pray” dropped in May, it simply took over the airwaves and the charts; even enjoying a successful run on US radio stations. It would later make the cut on AKA and Anatii‘s collaborative “Be Careful What You Wish For (BCWYWF).” album.

Of course, the success of that project is left for history and historians to document, but the music video is now finally upon us. The motion picture features a top-notch production, clean-cut and clear visuals as well as a colourful ensemble.

The boys groove to their renditions with the support of the damsel and the serpent. All in all, we can reiterate our stance “Don’t Forget To Pray.”

Watch and Enjoy the Teaser below;

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