6 Questions You Should Ask To Get Her Aroused

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Want to seduce a girl with words? Use these questions to do the trick.

1. Are you alone?: You obviously don’t want to talk dirty to her when she’s with her friends or family. And if you get an encouraging response from this question, you immediately follow it with…

2. Can I come and join you?: This is you testing the waters. And trust me, the girl knows where you’re heading already. You have to be bold, but bold that is attractive and patient so you don’t end up coming off as cocky.

3. What do you even wear to sleep?: Now you’re getting closer. It ranges from various versions of night wear to actually sleeping nude. The more inspiring her answer, the closer you are to your goal. But if she tells you she’s putting on two sweaters and thick trousers, abort mission!

4. What’s the best part of your body to you? : Women always have the part of their bodies they consider most awesome. From hair to bouncy ass to perfect breasts.

5. What is your biggest fantasy?: And when she tells you, let her know you want to make it come true for her.

6. Where’s your favorite place to be touched? : This also let’s her know, subtly, that you’re thinking about touching her with can be quite arousing.

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